For Tradies And Service Professionals

As tradies and service professional thrive hard to compete for work in this current economy, we at Pinkhippo are also trying our almost best to keep out the cowboys in the industry. We want to keep Pinkhippo safe, friendly, and filled with the highest quality service providers.

To do so we enforce very strict community standards. We personally review each post to ensure that it meets these standards. Violating posts will be removed and violating posters may be permanently banned from the site. And also we expect the community to be our eyes and ears.

Please if you feel that a particular post or poster violates the terms of use, or is of poor taste shot off an email to us and we will review the post or poster and decide whether it meets the guidelines. As we try to weed out these dodgy operators we cannot guarantee that our system is fool proof.

All tradies and service professional must have a valid ABN number and an insurance policy. We cannot over emphasis the importance of having a valid insurance policy, as we all know it is a protection for the unknown. At Pinkhippo, we do not recommend tradies or service professional to home owners. We only match service request with qualified service professional. So a very good presentation of your profile will go a long way to helping you securing that elusive job.

Lastly, you have to be over the age of 18 to be registered as a service professional at Pinkhippo.